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Shenzhen Correa Electronic Co.,Ltd
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About US

Welcome To Our Site!

Shenzhen Correa Electronic Co.,Ltd and Correa LED Lighting Co.,Ltd, are subsidiaries of CORREA GROUP (HONGKONG) LIMITED, is a R&D-oriented manufacturer and provider for advanced CCTV surveillance products and LED lighting products in China.

Carrying out the modernized enterprise management system, running ERP, CRM and OAS, constructed with advanced technology, refined product design, efficient manufacturing processes, strict quality control and quick after-sales service.
CORREA has established a reputation for trustworthiness and reliabilities through our clients. The products already got FCC, CE approval and match the RoHS & WEEE Directive, and widely exported to international market.

CORREA has put great emphasis on developing its workers in their specialized fields, under the belief that the company's growth depends on its employee.

CORREA has drafted its bright prospectus with the spirit of unity, efficient work and research. We will strive to serve the society and perfect human life with our outstanding technology, high quality products and reasonable price.

R & D

Our design philosophy and development has been driven by our goal for versatile usage and installation ease. Through our own high level R&D Technology platform, CORREA has completed intellectual property for the mainstream products. Many products get national patent, some fill up the domestic technology vacancy.


CORREA products are assembled in a clean room and must pass quality inspections including a long-period burned-in test, in addition to the strict inspection guidelines for each production process.

CORREA has established and is now fulfilling its own standard of quality control, in order to maintain a high quality and stable CORREA product.


CORREA products are of high quality with technical reliability, are used in Bank, hotel, prison, building, residence even in various modes of transport such as elevators, buses, etc. CORREA CCD cameras are favorably used around the world market. Russia, UK, Israel, Ukraine, Australia, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Chile, South Africa, Iran, India, Malaysia, USA, Canada, etc more than 40 countries and regions.


CORREA offers a speedy service and technical support system throughout our sales network. We make it a sales policy to nurture mutual prosperity with our customers, creating a good business partnership and encouraging consultation by way of routine correspondence. In addition, we are seeking to accommodate products customized according to the requirements of our customers.


We provide one year guarantee based on our shipping date. Any merchandise proven defective under normal usage, we will repair or replace by free of charge. We are confident that our products are passed strictly quality inspection when shipped to our customers.

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